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Product List

Air Breaker- Medium Dehumidifier   Sabre Saw
Air Breaker- Heavy Drain Cleaner Knapsack Sprayer- Solo Sander
Air Chisel Dyna Drill L Screwdriver- Electric 
Air Drill E Ladder-  3 M Skill Saw
Air Impact Wrench- 1/2" Edging Sander Ladder- 1.5 M Sludge Pump- 50mm
Air Impact Wrench- 3/4" Electric Polisher Ladder- 2.4 M Staple Gun- Air Operated
Air Needle Gun Electric Shears Laser Level Staple Gun- Battery 1M
Air Pump- 38mm Electric Vibrator- 28mm Leads Steam Cleaner- 3000psi
Air Pump- 50mm Engine Lifter  Leaf Blower Steam Cleaner- 1500psi
Air Vibrator Excavator Lifeguard Steel Bender
Angle Grinder- 115mm F Load Skate Submersible Pump- 50mm
Angle Grinder- 230mm Fan- Electric 750mm Load Skate- 10 Tonne Submersible Pump- 100mm
Arc Air Handpiece Fan-Electric 300mm Loader- Kubota R410 T
B Fan-Electric 500mm Log Splitter Tile Cutting Saw
Barrow Fibrolite Cutter M Trailer- 1 Ton
Battery Charger 12V Flex Drive Pump- 75mm Metal Detector Trailer- 15 CWT
Battery Drill- 12V Floor Sander- 200mm Mower-18" Rotary Trailer- 2 Ton Car
Block Saw G N Trailer- 3 Axle Simple 
Bolt Cutters Generator- Diesel 15 KVA Nail Gun (Finishing) Trailer- 750kg  
Box Blade Generator- 3.5 KVA O Trailer- 750kg Luggage
Breather Filter Generator- 5 KVA Orbital Sander Trailer- Furniture (Small)
Brush Cutter- B230 Gib Lifter   P Trailer- Furniture (Large)
Builders Level H Pallet Truck Trailer- Grill (Tandem) 1.4 M
Bull Float- 2 Handles Hammer Personnel Lift Trailer- Grill (Tandem) 1.8 M
C Hand Screed 1.8 M Petrol Welder- 175 amp  
Carpet Cleaner Hand Screed 2.4 M  Pipe Cutter 25-75mm Trailer- Tandem
Carpet Stretcher Hand Screed 3 M Pipe Cutter 50-100mm  Trailer- Tandem Flat Deck- Brakes/Load tie downs
Chain Hoist- 1/2 Ton Heat Gun Pipe Dies- 50mm Trailer- Twin Drum
Chain Hoist- 3 Tonne Heater- Diesel Pipe Threader- 100A Trestle-1.8M or 3.6M
Chain Trencher Heater- G/125 Pipe Vice V
Cherry Picker- 14 M Heater- G/260 Plate Compactor Vacuum Cleaner- Attix 5
Clay Digger Heater- LPG Pop Riveter Vacuum Cleaner- Attix 7
Coal Pick Heater- Val 6 Pop Riveter- Air Vacuum Cleaner- Wet/Dry
Cobblestone Cutter Hedge Trimmer- Petrol Post Hole Borer W
Cobblestone Saw- Petrol 350mm Hoses Post Hole Borer attachment- Dingo Wall Paper Stripper
Compact Float Hydraulic Jack- 10 Tonne Power Float- 900mm Wastemaster Cutter
Compound Mitre Saw Hydraulic Jack- 20 Tonne Pressure Tester Water Bed Pump
Compressor- 100CFM I Prestolite Unit Water Blaster 
Compressor 190 CFM J Puddle Sucker Pump- 25mm Water Blaster 1400- Electric
Compressor- 390 CFM Jigsaw Pump- 38mm Water Blaster 1500- Petrol
Compressor-Electric   R Water Blaster 2000
Compressor-Petrol   Road Barrier- 1M High Water Blaster-3000psi 3 phase
Compressor- 90 CFM   Rock Drill Water Blaster- 3000PSI single phase
Concrete Cutter   Rotary Mower- 18" Welder- 175amp
Concrete Mixer- Electric   Rotary Slasher Welder- 180amp
Concrete Mixer- Petrol   Router- 13mm Welder- Gas Unit 
Concrete Mixer- Petrol Towable     Welder/ Generator
Concrete Mixer- Electric Towable     Welder-Trailer mounted
Concrete Saw 350mm      
Concrete Saw- 305mm      
Concrete Vibrator- 28mm      
Cut Off Saw- Electric      


We are Napier's ONLY locally owned Hire Company. Having been in operation since 1973 we have grown with the city.

Whatever you need to do, we have the equipment to help you out.



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